The Molecheck Skin Cancer Clinic offers several different services onsite:

Expert Diagnosis of Suspicious Moles: Our trained doctors carry this out through visual examination. If necessary, then photographs of body regions and specific moles can be done for later reference. A thorough examination of all area of your skin can ensure early detection of any abnormalities.

Body and Mole Photography: This can reveal moles or other suspicious blemishes that wouldn’t otherwise have been noted. These photographs can be shared with specialists for further analysis, although this requires your express consent.

Monitoring Changes: Existing moles will be noted and over time, if changes occur, previous photographs will alert our doctors and appropriate measures can be undertaken.

On site treatment: Treatment of most skin cancers and other abnormalities can usually be done onsite, but if more complicated treatment is necessary then this can be arranged to be carried out elsewhere. Treatment can consist in some cases of specific creams or the use of freezing growths with liquid nitrogen. No anesthesia is usually needed for this process. These treatments are usually used for removing sunspots (solar keratosis).

Some early skin cancers can be removed using a curette, which is an instrument that scrapes the spot off the surface of the skin. No stitches are needed and only a local anesthetic is used. More serious skin cancers are removed by excision, where under local anesthetic they are cut out and stitched. It should be stressed that not all abnormal spots need to be treated and some can merely get observed.

The doctors at Molecheck Skin Cancer Clinic will fully discuss with you the need for treatment or not before proceeding with any plan. You will be kept informed about all aspects of treatment.

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