In some circumstances a referral from another doctor will cause one to qualify for a different Medicare rebate. When visiting the doctors at the Molecheck Skin Cancer Clinic this is not necessary, however if you do have a referral from another doctor we are happy to give you a thorough examination.

Most people have a regular doctor. If desired and with your permission we will pass on any information or findings to them. It is very important that all of the doctors you receive treatment from are aware of all aspects of your health with access to as much information as possible. One of the most common causes of a delayed or incorrect diagnosis is the lack of readily available information to those making it.

Relevant information can be relayed to other doctors by a written report given to you personally, by fax or by email. Modern state of the art communications technology available at Molecheck makes it possible to send high quality images of your skin and skin spots to other doctors. Utmost care is taken to ensure the privacy of these communications.

Annual checkups at the Mole Check Clinic allow our doctors to detect early skin cancers, many of which can be cured by early discovery. This is a good reason to an annual professional check. In addition, any unusual blemishes can be checked out immediately.

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