Mole Mapping and Photographic Surveillance: Important Tools in the Fight Against Skin Cancer

How often have you looked at a mole or freckle and thought to yourself, how long has this been there? Is this new? Was it always this colour?

Why is mole mapping important?

Mole mapping and photographic surveillance of moles are important tools in tracking the development of moles over the entire body so that new moles can be more easily identified and assessed. Mole mapping can be done either through traditional photography or through digital dermoscopic imaging. Traditional photography tends to be faster, and you can continue to check your moles at home, which can be reassuring for those who are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Dermoscopic imaging, meanwhile, takes the highest quality photographs possible of your skin, and can sometimes detect skin cancer before it is visible to the naked eye. It takes longer, however, and the imaging equipment can be bulky.

How does photographic surveillance of moles help you?

While there are benefits to the specific method that you and your doctor choose, the biggest benefit of mole mapping is that the risk of misremembering a mole is reduced. You have a photographic record that allows you to continue to check your moles at home, and then let a doctor know immediately if a change is detected.

What does it all mean?

Skin cancer is on the rise in Australia; in the last 30 years, around 60% more people have been diagnosed with melanoma. The vast majority of skin cancer cases are tied to sun damage and sun burns, but even if you’re never in the sun, you still need to be aware of the possibility of cancerous moles.

The good news about melanoma is that when it is caught early, it is usually very treatable. If you have a mole that is concerning you, or you believe that you are at a higher risk for skin cancer, then you should make an appointment with the professionals at the Mole Check Clinic. Whether you want to look at a specific mole to determine if it’s concerning, or you want to do a full body screen to ensure that your skin is healthy, we’ll be able to help you set your mind at ease.

Stop worrying about whether or not you should have a mole checked and make an appointment at the Mole Check Clinic. Let us take a look at your concerns and either put your mind at ease or begin the process of treatment. Contact us today.

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