Those who need the finest mole mapping Melbourne has to offer should certainly feel at ease. Once a doctor from the Mole Check Clinic has given a complete examination, they will give you a report. Should there be even the slightest doubt, the doctor will of course take a good look at all diagnostic materials before making any further recommendations.

Getting a Dermatologist Review

Should there be any further doubt about the diagnostic situation or what treatment to continue with in regards to a specific mole or lesion, the doctor could forward material to a dermatologist. This can only be done with your consent. Should you offer consent to do so, the doctor can forward photographs and descriptions of any specific lesion under question to a dermatologist who is a specialist in the field.

The specialist will then offer a further opinion on how to continue with treatment. This process is at no added cost to you if a dermatological specialist has to be called in to work on your case.

Naturally any dermatologist called in for a review will be held to the same exact rigorous standards that any of the other doctors working on your case would be.

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